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The Efficiency Expert 4 Life

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The Efficiency Expert 4 Life

Giving Peace of Mind by Saving Time & Money

  1. Every dollar saved is equal to a $1.30 earned.  Realize that each dollar we save is equal to us earning approximately $1.30, depending upon your tax bracket. So for every $1,000 = $1,300, and$10,000 = $13,000.  So, reconsider when you think it is simply not worth it to ask or make that call.
  2. Kill them with kindness.  Kindness doesn’t cost you anything, and research actually shows that it will save you time & money. Take a moment to ask “how are you?” and set the right tone.  The service person is automatically in your court and will want to help you find the best deal or a good resolution.
  3. Everything is negotiable, even when they say it isn’t.  Don’t blindly pay late charges, install fees, registration fees, etc… Call and “kindly ask” for forgiveness; an exception; a customer loyalty reward; discount or special promotion.  Be creative and humble!
  4. Sticky notes & mail go hand in hand.  Open your mail upon receipt and stand over the recycling bin with sticky notes at the ready. (a) Toss what you can, (b) complete anything that takes 2 minutes or less, and (c) place a sticky note with an action & deadline on everything else.
  5. Life takes active management.  Yes, you do need to regularly review your bills, pay them on time, look for better opportunities and recognize the opportunity costs.  Remember that paperless bills and autopay may be convenient, but it can lead to unnoticed, “bill creep.”

Working with private clients to maximize life’s opportunities by minimizing waste of time & money. If you would like to explore your opportunities, contact Nicole.


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