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5 Tips for a Perfect MIX of Health and “Well-th”

  1. SELF:  Make your physical and mental health your #1 priority.  Quite simply, if you don’t have good health, everything else crumbles.  Period.  Remember to secure your own oxygen mask before helping others. “Be good to your body — it’s the only house you have to live in” ~ Jim Rohn.
  1. WORK with PURPOSE:  Place less emphasis on job titles, and clearly define how you want your day to FEEL.  Once you can visualize your ideal work day and trust your desires, you can create it.  What does your day look like?   Who are you helping?  Long-lasting fulfillment is never tied to job descriptions, but to the larger purpose of your work.
  1. COMMUNITY:  When you join our team, you join a community that supports you, cheers you on, and holds your dreams up high.  You get to choose who you team up with, work with, and help.  Create your own dream team.  If you love supportive and collaborative work environments, this may be for you.
  1. FINANCIAL HOUSE: Actively take steps to manage and improve your financial house. Reduce stress by increasing your long-term financial security.  Whether it’s paying the mortgage, putting food on the table, kids’ activities, private school, college, vacation or retirement, we help you get there.
  1. FAMILY: Most of us are here to explore the right mix of family, self and work.  We will show you how you can create more time with your family, while creating a six figure income.


Company Description

Lingzhi medicinal mushrooms help you achieve vibrant energybalanced emotionsmental clarity and deep sleep.  Through sharing organic Lingzhi products and partnering with Alphay, you learn how to revitalize your physical self, work from home, and help others make a positive difference in their lives.  

Promotional Offering (for the entire online community)

Purchase 2 bottles of our Lingzhi nutritional products and receive a complimentary box of 30 healthy coffee servings (a $19 value!).  Email Kirstin at to receive important information to help you in your decision making process and to claim this special offer.

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