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Simple Self-Care Strategies in 5 Minutes or Less

Women leaders and entrepreneurs often put others needs above their own which leads to overwhelm and eventually burnout.  Below are a few simple self-care strategies for when you are strapped for time.  Even a 5 minute break in your day allows you to refocus on your priorities and be more productive.  Give them a try!

  1. Just Breathe – Stop throughout your day and pay attention to your breath.  Breathe deeply down into your belly – in your nose and out of your mouth.  Write “Breathe” on a sticky note and post it as a reminder to take 5 deep breaths.
  1. Stretch – Stand up from your desk at least once per hour and stretch. Shoot for 5 times a day for 1 minute.  Or try the “Legs Up the Wall” yoga pose for 5 minutes.  Set a reminder on your phone to remind you to take mini-stretch breaks.
  1. Get Fresh Air & Sunshine – Pick a regular time in the middle of your day to go outside. Leave your phone inside and simply feel the warm sunshine on your face and the fresh breeze in your hair.  Turn it into a habit by committing to 5 minutes a day at the same time every day, like just before lunch.
  1. Move Your Body – Take a walk or climb stairs for 5-10 minutes. Don’t leave it to chance – schedule regular exercise into your calendar to make sure it happens.  Often our best ideas come to us when we step away from the computer!
  1. Mini-Meditation – Sit in a comfortable position and take 5 deep breaths. Check in with yourself by spending 1 minute focused on your thoughts and feelings, 1 minute focused on your breathing, and 1 minute focused on your body as a whole.  Meditation reconnects you to your body and trains your brain to be mindful.

Want to overcome overwhelm and focus in on what matters most?

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Amy Arthur Packer helps women leaders and entrepreneurs create a life they love with more time and energy to enjoy it.  She offers one on one coaching, group coaching, and retreats with strategies and support to align values with priorities, define success on your terms, sharpen leadership skills, be more productive, take better care of yourself, and more.


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Complementary 30 Minute Strategy Session with Amy Arthur Packer

Want to overcome overwhelm and focus in on what matters most? Schedule a complementary 30 minute strategy session with Amy at:

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