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We hope that through our project, individuals will connect and learn from each other, collect inspirations, and be empowered to “think outside the box” with respect to their own work-life potential and opportunities.

Brit Stueven

The Wixii™ Project: Brit Stueven

Name: Brit Stueven Current Location: Dusseldorf, Germany Permanent Location: Denver, CO Professional Industry: Communications and Marketing Company: Brit Stueven PR Title: Owner WIXII-ISM™ FROM BRIT: Three things have been very top of mind lately: Sometimes the best things in life are unplanned, unintended and totally uninhibited. If you’re the smartest person in the room, SKEDADDLE. […]

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Aimee Cohen

The Wixii™ Project: Aimee Cohen

Name: Aimee Cohen Location: Colorado Professional Industry: Professional Speaking Company: Woman Up Job Title: Career Expert, Speaker, Author WIXII-ISM™ FROM AIMEE: “Pull on those big-girl panties and take control of your career and your life!” AIMEE’S STORY: Meet our featured Wixii™, Aimee Cohen.  She is 47 and mother to a 20-year-old-son and 17-year-old-daughter.  She received […]

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The Wixii™ Project: Gayle Pottle

NAME: Gayle Pottle LOCATION: Denver, Colorado PROFESSION: Non-Profit Fundraising COMPANY: Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) International JOB TITLE: Director of Development WIXII-ISM™ FROM Gayle:  “Let your yes’s be YES and your no’s be NO.”  GAYLE’S STORY: Meet our featured Wixii™, Gayle Pottle.  She is 50 and mother to 18-year-old daughter Lauren and 16-year-old son Nicholas.  She studied […]

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The Wixii™ Project: Shelly Humbach

Name:  Shelly Humbach Location:  Colorado Company:  Consulting-College Professional Industry:  Humbach Education Consulting Job Title:  Independent Education Consultant WIXII-ISM™ FROM SHELLY HUMBACH:  “Find and/or hang on to what you love and keep doing it.  That ‘it’ will make you a better mother, wife, partner, daughter, sister and friend.” SHELLY’S STORY: Meet our featured Wixii™, Shelly Humbach.  […]

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Heide Garrigan

The Wixii™ Project: Heide Garrigan

Name: Heide Garrigan Location:  Colorado Company:  Pivotal Consulting Inc. Professional Industry:  Executive Team Coach and Leadership Mentor Job Title:  Founder & President WIXII-ISM™ FROM HEIDE GARRIGAN:  “I often share that one’s career is like a marriage, you have to give and take.  It’s a mix of compromise and collaboration. If you are only “giving” then you […]

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barb Wade

The Wixii™ Project: Barb Wade

Name: Barb Wade Location:  Colorado Company:  Bright Idea, LLC Professional Industry:  Business coaching Job Title:  Owner WIXII-ISM™ FROM BARB WADE: “[I]t’s not so much what happens, but what I TELL myself about what happens —  my self-talk – that leads to how I feel. …What I ask myself is, what is the most supportive and abundant […]

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Laura L'Herault

The Wixii™ Project: Laura L’Herault

Name:  Laura L’Herault Location:  Colorado Company:  Great Play – Cherry Creek  Professional Industry:  Youth Enrichment Job Title:  Owner WIXII-ISM™ FROM LAURA L’HERAULT:  “Take charge of your life and make those changes you have always dreamt about doing — Sing Loud, Jump High and Dream Big!!!” LAURA’S STORY: Meet our featured Wixii™, Laura LHerault.  She is […]

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Kari Abt

The Wixii™ Project: Kari Abt

Name:  Kari Abt Location:  Colorado Company:  ABT Realty, Movement Mortgage Professional Industry:  Real Estate and Mortgage Job Title:  Realtor, Sr. Loan Officer WIXII-ISM™ FROM KARI ABT: “[S]et your own bar and when you reach it, reward yourself.  Pat yourself on the back.  Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you.  If you do, you’ll just […]

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Hermy Balcomb

The Wixii™ Project: Hermy Balcomb

Name:  Hermy Balcomb Location:  Colorado Company:  Credere and Share Professional Industry:  Teacher/Storyteller Job Title:  Author, Professor, Blogger WIXII-ISM™ FROM HERMY BALCOMB:  “What I’ve learned from the experience is that by keeping a foot in the career door, it has inspired my mothering heart to appreciate the best of both worlds; the merger has resulted in […]

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