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We hope that through our project, individuals will connect and learn from each other, collect inspirations, and be empowered to “think outside the box” with respect to their own work-life potential and opportunities.

Kristin Olsen

The Wixii™ Project: Kristin Olsen

Name: Kristin Olsen Location: New York, NY Professional Industry: Recruitment Advertising/Media Sales Company: Monster Worldwide Job Title: Senior Manager of Agency Relations WIXII-ISM™ FROM KRISTIN OLSEN:  “For me, having it all is about perspective.  There will always be a “better” job, a “better” mother, a “better” house, but it’s about being happy with my current day-to-day.  […]

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Jenn Cummings

The Wixii™ Project: Jenn Cummings

Name: Jenn Cummings Location: Silverthorne, CO Professional Industry: Conference Management Services/Meeting Specialists Company: CONCENTRA Conference Management Services Job Title: Vice President WIXII-ISM™ FROM JENN:  “Don’t be so full of yourself! I really thought I’d be able to “figure it all out” much quicker than I have been able to. I’ve always been very organized but rearranging things […]

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The Wixii™ Project: Kate Cihon

Name: Kate Cihon Location: Denver, CO Professional Industry: Finance and Insurance Company: Randy Kilgore & Company Job Title: Vice President WIXII-ISM™ FROM KATE CIHON:  “Having children has encouraged me to work smarter, not harder, and maximize the time I’m in the office.” PERSONAL INFORMATION: Meet our featured Wixii™, Kate Cihon.  She is in her 30s and mother […]

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Anne Smart

The Wixii™ Project: Anne Smart

Name: Anne Smart Location: Chicago, IL Professional Industry: Family Business Education/Academic Research and Consulting Company: Loyola University Family Business Center Job Title: Membership Director WIXII-ISM™ FROM ANNE SMART:  “Over the arc of my work and home careers, I have made choices about advancing my career or my education based upon my work life and family […]

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The Wixii™ Project: Meg Masten

Name:  Meg Masten Location:  Highlands Ranch, Colorado Professional Industry:  Sports Marketing Company: Basketball Travelers Job Title: Executive Assistant to COO WIXII-ISM™ FROM  MEG:  “Appreciate what you have while you have it.  Find joy in each stage, and embrace new challenges and goals.   Change is life’s way of helping us evolve into our true selves.” PERSONAL INFORMATION: […]

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Allison Kaelberer

The Wixii™ Project: Allison Kaelberer

Name:  Allison Kaelberer Location:  Cherry Hills Village, CO Professional Industry:  Healthcare, Sales Company: Truven Health Job Title: Director of Sales WIXII-ISM™ FROM ALLISON:  “I believe it is key to maintain relationships with high-impact people that you meet in life.  High-impact people are people that you connect with and exude positive  energy, ideas, and productivity.  I like […]

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Cheryl Crain

The Wixii™ Project: Cheryl Crain

Name:  Cheryl Crain Location:  Erie, CO Professional Industry:  Teaching Company: Louisville Elementary School Job Title:  3rd Grade Teacher WIXII-ISM™ FROM CHERYL: “I initially made the decision to stay home with my kids until they were at least school age.  I didn’t realize at the time that there were many different ways to be a working mom […]

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Mary Beth Skarsgard

The Wixii™ Project: Mary Beth Skarsgard

Name:  Mary Beth Skarsgard Location:  Lone Tree, CO Professional Industry:  Real Estate/Due Diligence Company: Skarsgard Consulting, LLC Job Title: Independent Consultant WIXII-ISM™ FROM MARY BETH:  “I chose to continue working as a consultant because I knew that eventually I would want to go back to working full-time, and I didn’t want to have a big […]

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Jayne Ford

The Wixii™ Project: Jayne Ford

Name:  Jayne Ford Location:  Denver, CO Professional Industry:  Leadership Consulting Company:  ghSMART & Company Job Title:  Recruiting Director WIXII-ISM™ FROM JAYNE: “When thinking about your next career, think broadly about what you love to do both professionally and personally. Then think about the careers where those characteristics would make you an A-player. Use your network […]

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