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Create a Remarkable Voicemail

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Create a Remarkable VoicemailWixii, Angel Tuccy, alerts us to the fact that most folks have a boring voicemail recorded. “It sounds boring but it’s familiar. “Hi, thank you for calling. I’m not at my desk right now.” No kidding. We got your voicemail. We already know you can’t take the call, so now we’re no longer listening as we wait for the beep.

People who call on you are a great referral source. You can create word-of-mouth marketing using your voicemail message.

A remarkable voicemail is one that people will remark on.

Tell People What You Do

Even your mom doesn’t really have a clue. Here’s your chance to clue people in.

  • Caterer: Can you hear that sizzle? Smell that aroma? I’m in the kitchen cooking lunch for an office party. Leave a message and I’ll cook lunch for you, too.
  • Plumbing: I’m up to my knees in water. You, too? I’ll be there within 2 hours of your call.
  • Business Coach:  I’m working on ways to knock out your competition. Let’s get your business to be top of mind right away.

Rule of Thumb: Keep your voicemail message under 30 seconds”

Angel Tuccy is a best selling author and host of the positive business talk show, Experience Pros Radio Show.

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