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Creating Your Mommy Legacy

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Mommy LegacyFeatured Wixii, Rachel Lefort, focused on creating a thriving mix by blending a career she loves with intentional mommy time with her daughter.   Daily, Rachel is transparent, with her young daughter, about her work-life mix.   She recognizes the effect her mix has as a role model, for her daughter, of living a mix of meaningful parenting and meaningful work.

This week,  Kathryn Sollman of 9 Lives for Women published a blog post in the Huffington Post discussing the importance of informing our children of the work moms do, whether for pay or volunteer, inside or outside the home, full time or part-time.  Mothers are role models for their children.  “If children think that only men “work” outside of the home, we can blame society — or ourselves. Women need to blend their personal work stories into bedtime stories and teach both boys and girls that there are many ways Moms do important work outside of their homes, too.”  She advises us each to intentionally “Shape Your Mommy Legacy.”  Continue reading.

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