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Dream BIG Day Camp – 5 Tips

5 Tips on How to Find the Best Summer Camp for Your Child

There are many things to consider when choosing a summer camp for your child; here is a list of tips to assist you in making the best decisions.

  1. Check with Friends and Neighbors – Try asking people you know about their summer camp experiences. Friends can be a wonderful resource for finding the perfect summer camp for your child. Find out which summer camps your friends have sent their kids to and see which ones they recommend and which ones to avoid.
  1. Who is Running the Program? – The WHO behind the program is very important. What are the credentials of the Directors and Assistant Directors? Ask about experience and where they spend their time in the off-season. Ask about philosophies on topics such as sunscreen application, camper supervision, processing a camper argument, biting, bullying, camper participation, homesickness, adjusting to a new environment, etc. Most importantly, do you like the director and can you get a hold of him/her easily? Directors run the program so it is important to know what they are teaching those who are directly working with your child.
  1. Open Communication – Definitely contact the camp. Go to their website or call them with questions. The best camps always have someone who can talk with you before, during or after camp, or will find someone to return your call.
  1. A Well-Trained Staff – An adequate ratio in terms of campers-to-staffers is about 10 to 1 for kids aged eight to fourteen. Each staff member should be interviewed after having provided several strong references and subjected to both a background check and an extensive criminal records search.
  1. Do I Want a General Camp or One with a Specialty? – Are you looking for the “classic” camp experience with a variety of different activities or do you want to focus on one thing such as performing in a musical or training in a particular sport?  There will be a big difference between “general” summer camps and camps with a single theme or goal.

Good luck and happy camping!

Mary Stein, Owner

Dream BIG Day Camp

Company Description

We encourage personal growth in each child by providing an excellent program facilitated by nurturing and highly trained staff. Anchored in this safe and supportive community, each camper will have fun, acquire new skills, feel valued for who they are and develop a sense of belonging.

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