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Easy Money-Saving Tip for Online Shopping

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Easy Money Savings Tip for Online ShoppingWith the flurry of holiday spending behind us, many of our bank accounts are probably still recovering.  To help us rebuild our accounts and spend more wisely in the new year, this week’s Featured Wixii™, Megan Zacher, shares her money-saving tip, “online coupons are my favorite – every time I shop online I search the internet for coupon codes and regularly save 30% and free shipping.  I also avoid the over-spending triggered by malls and stores, especially around the holidays.”

Before buying anything online, do a quick internet search for “[vendor name]” + “coupon” or “promo(tional) code.”  Also, remember to click through a site like or where you can use an available promotional code AND get an additional savings in the form of a rebate check or contribution towards your 529 college savings account—these sites also often list a vendor’s available promotional codes.

With the coupon savings, additional deferred savings, and possibly free shipping, online coupons are a wixii-ficiency that save money and time.  Happy and smart shopping in 2014 (and please let us know if you have any other money/time-saving tips)!

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