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Eating Recovery Center Foundation – 5 Tips
Promote a positive body image for the next generation.

In our thinness-obsessed culture, children and teens growing normally may misinterpret their growth as “getting fat.” This can be furthered, in part, by unfairly comparing their physiques to those of adult celebrities who are long past puberty. These comparisons, and the expressed anxiety of adult caregivers, may inspire weight-loss dieting or harsh exercising to try to arrive at a body different from either the normal body of a developing teen or the individual genetic endowment.

In a culture promoting diets and multiple nutrition myths, parents can help their children develop healthy habits by doing the following:

  1. Supporting normal growth.
  2. Teaching children that good nutrition is more simple than complex.
  3. Explaining why dieting isn’t necessary.
  4. Explaining how to trust their bodies’ physical hunger and fullness cues that can tell them when and how much to eat and when to stop.
  5. Ensuring multiple ways of expressing and soothing emotions.

It is also important to teach children that we must be accountable to our body’s needs for core nutrients from a variety of foods. And, importantly, that we may also regularly enjoy, in good health and without guilt, certain foods that are eaten simply for pleasure.

This balanced approach to eating is a part of redefining wellness and can help to foster normal eating for the lifetime. It can also help to prevent disordered eating behaviors that may turn into full-blown eating disorders in certain vulnerable children and teens.

Lisa Geraud MA, MS, RD, LMFT is the Executive Clinical Director of Eating Recovery Center in Washington.


Company Description

The Eating Recovery Center Foundation, located on the Lowry campus, was established as a 501(c)(3) in 2012 by experts in the field of eating disorders with a goal of advancing public understanding of eating disorders and expanding access to life-saving care.

The mission of the Eating Recovery Center Foundation is to be a national resource for individuals affected by eating disorders, as well as their families, caregivers and treating professionals. The Foundation provides information, education and training on best practices for the identification and treatment of eating disorders.  The Foundation’s initiatives include education, research and charitable care.

In our formative years, we are proud of the progress we have made toward living this mission. We have delivered preventative programs on major college campuses, including CSU and CU; launched a free, public information portal for the community and medical communities, providing access to leading research and information on eating disorders; and supported charitable care for nearly 100 eating disorder patients from Colorado and across the country.

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