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Don’t be a Victim of Negativity Bias!

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Negativity BiasDo you ever find yourself focusing on the one negative comment or suggestion, despite the overwhelming positive feedback?  Do you let the negative rule your actions or even cause you not to act?  If so, according to Forbes: Why Negative Feedback Will Kill Your Career- If You Let It, you may be a victim of Negativity Bias (a phenomenon that goes back to the caveman days where human energy was focused to stay alert for potential danger in order to survive.)  

It is found that “[c]riticism – even well intentioned, constructive criticism – can stop you in your tracks and limit your performance.  It impedes success.  Adopt a strategy for putting negativity in its place and making sure it doesn’t dominate your thoughts and actions so you have plenty of room for positivity, self-motivation and action.”  Focusing on the negative, to the exclusion of the positive,  can result in each of us losing opportunities in our individual work life mix.

Join me in trying these five steps to “ditch the deprecation and fill your mind with zeal” to embrace your opportunities!

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