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Honest Occupational Therapy – 5 Tips

Pediatric Occupational Therapists can help your child and family learn more about your child’s development  by providing practical resources, fun activities and toys that can be used at home, school and in the community.

  1. Promote gross motor skill development including strengthening, balance, coordination and endurance.
  2. Develop an efficient grasp for writing, cutting with scissors and other fine motor, visual motor and perceptual activities.
  3. Foster independence and participation in dressing, grooming, feeding/picky eating and other self-care and ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) skills.
  4. Understand the importance and impact Sensory Processing can have on how your child interprets information from their environment.
  5. Encourage play skills and social connections between children and within families.


Company Description

Honest Occupational Therapy (OT) believes that with some simple and effective strategies, knowledge, and honesty, children, families, educators, and medical professionals can understand the importance of child development and ways of promoting these skills. The more informed the grown-ups guiding our children are, the more successful our children can be. Honest OT offers a variety of educational and therapeutic services and a website full of resources.

Promotional Offering (for Summit Attendees only)

FREE 30 minute phone consultation

$99 for a full occupational therapy assessment with recommendations ($400 value) – Sign up at the conference

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