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Hydrate IV Bar

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Hydrate Top 5 practical tips:

1) Hydrate! Drink lots of water!

2) Listen to your body. Cloudy head, stress and fatigue could all be signs of dehydration.

3) Choose supplements and skin care products cautiously. There are many unnecessary additives in some of today’s most popular products. 4) Think prevention. Don’t wait until you have symptoms to address your health.

5) Low calorie diets are typically low nutrient diets. When you eat less, as most diets say you should, it’s easy to become malnourished.


Company Description

Hydrate IV Bar is a nutritional IV (intravenous) therapy clinic that provides a safe, fast, efficient way to deliver essential fluids and nutrients directly into the bloodstream. IV therapy is key for persons experiencing the effects of dehydration or wanting to improve their overall health and wellness in ways such as, reduced stress, improved skin appearance, boosted energy and uplifted mood.

Promotional Offering (for Summit Attendees only)

20% off first IV Therapy Treatment to Summit attendees with coupon.

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