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5 Tips for Going Back to School with Ease

  • Bedtime Routine: Gradually get back into the school time sleep schedule by  waking the kids up earlier each morning and putting them to bed earlier each night one or two weeks before school starts.
  • Dedicated School Calendar: Get and post a calendar that you can use just for school related items in an easily accessible and kid friendly area. Write out any days off during the school year and any other big days that you know of in advance. Include any after school activities and sports practices.
  • School Shopping: School supply shopping is the last thing any parent wants to do at the beginning of the school year when lines are crazy and tempers are short.  Check it off your to do list in June and you can focus on the more important things for the rest of the summer.
  • Lunch and Snack Planning: Think ahead to school lunches and/or after school snacks. Talk to your kids and create a list of items they want. Shop at least a week or two ahead so you are ready to go, eliminating the need to run out and buy items for lunch or snacks that busy first week of school.
  • Paper Plan: Create a system for all of the school papers that will start coming home in folders and backpacks. Designate a spot (by your school calendar is ideal) and show the kids where it is so they will use it and papers won’t get lost.


Company Description 

Kids Supplies, LLC provides parents, teachers and schools a one stop shop for all kids supplies to start the school year; and any other time during the year.  We will deliver to you exactly what is requested in your supply list, complete, accurate and delivered to your home or your child’s classroom in a kit.  Parents don’t have to visit several “big box” stores to start their kids with the new school year and teachers know that each child has exactly what they need for the year.


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