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Legal Documents For Adult Children (in College and Beyond)

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2014.12.10 POA

Written by Shelly Humbach and originally published on her blog on April 11, 2014.  Reprinted here with her permission.

Blame my long, legal background, but if you have adult children, unmarried, 18 or over, you better have a few critical legal documents in place; signed, sealed and delivered.  Imagine a nasty scenario: your daughter is a freshman at the college of her dreams, she experiences a health crisis and is taken to the ER.  As her parent, you may not even be notified of her ER admittance, further, you would have no right to her medical records, or the right to make medical or financial decisions on her behalf.  Scary, huh?  Think what you want about the FERPA and HIPAA laws, but one thing is for sure, by their very nature, they protect the individual’s privacy, and that includes keeping matters private from their parents.  It’s all about continuing to support and protect our kids during their college and early adult years.  Read this comprehensive and valuable article by Erin M. Nadeau, Esq. Do. It.


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