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Living in Platinum for the Best Year Yet!

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Ever wish our family dynamics could be a little easier?  

Wish we knew what our kids and/or spouse were thinking and why our efforts don’t seem to achieve the desired results?  

Wish we could decrease frustration and increase grace – theirs and ours?  

Wish no more!  Please join Nicole Seawell and Jackie Insinger, Live in PlatinumTM 2015 Summit Presenter, to enhance self-Clarity, boost Confidence, empower Connections and improve Communication.

As your favorite Efficiency Expert, I have teamed up with Jackie Insinger of Insinger Insights, to bring you a practical, objective, hands on tool to decrease the tension points and triggers in parenting and marriage.  At a Live in PlatinumTM  Workshop, we learn our individual motivational PRINTS (think our motivational fingerprint), which helps us to accurately identify the “why” behind each individual’s behavior – what motivates us, what triggers us and how we think and learn.

JOIN US at one of our monthly Live in PlatinumTM workshops to receive a HIGH RETURN on your SMALL INVESTMENT of money and time to witness a remarkable increase in effective communication, motivation, support and fulfillment.

Who doesn’t need knowledge and tools that lead to SAVINGS of time, frustration, and money, while gaining a roadmap to navigate the most important relationships in your life – your family, your marriage, your work and your SELF!


Simply email Nicole at

Living in Platinum

Living in Platinum


  • WHEN: Monthly Workshops – next available, November 17, 2015
  • WHO: Anyone who wants to live in BEST self
  • TIME: 9:30am-12:30pm
  • WHERE: Glenmoor Country Club, 110 Glenmoor Dr, Englewood, CO 80113
  • WHAT TO BRING: Yourself!
  • Your individual PRINT results and a deep dive into understanding not only what motivates you, but the possible motivators of the important people in your life
  • Participants receive discounts for future Insinger Insights services.
  • Complimentary coffee, tea, fresh fruit, and pastries.
  • Complimentary & convenient parking.
  • Knowledge & life-changing tools!
  • COST: $249 per person


Simply email Nicole at

Read more on Jackie Insinger & PRINT

  • Click here to access Jackie Insinger’s bio on the Women in the Mix website!
  • Click here for video of the origin of PRINT from a development standpoint

Two TV segments that are short yet informative that talk about Jackie’s work

Jackie & Nicole

Is it worth your time & money?

This is what people say about working with Jackie:

  • “Jackie’s insights have changed the way we parent our children, communicate in our marriage and how I manage my businesses.  This is like having CliffNotes for understanding people.”
    — YPO Forum
  • “Hands down this was the single best investment we have made to date, including market investments!  Having a better insight to our family’s innate nature ~ our unconscious motivators, trigger points, and best methods to receive input and guidance ~ makes effective family life easier.   A very progressive tool we will definitely recommend to friends.”
    —Brad and Anne Anderson
  • “Jackie Insinger has changed the way our family communicates and greatly improved our overall dynamic due to this deeper understanding of what motivates and triggers each of us.  Because of her program we better understand our children, each other and all of our unconscious motivators.  We share our children’s PRINT information with everyone in their lives.  It has made a big difference in school, in their social lives and in all of their activities. ”
    —Natalie Tysdal
  • “I have had the privilege of working with families for 25 years, in just about every imaginable capacity.  As a Family Relations and Child Behavior Specialist, I have struggled with what I can send families “home” with; what tools can I give them that will enhance their family life, not only today, but for the long term. I have read countless books and articles, been to hundreds of hours of trainings, and heard expert after expert, but never found the one thing I could stand behind and offer to parents that I wholeheartedly believed in!  And then I met Jackie Insinger, as she spoke about her incredible Insinger Insights product, I felt like I had found the “Holy Grail” for families. Jackie has developed a “tool” that offers critical insights, strategies, and long range solutions for each and every member of the family, not just one child. Her knowledge, research, personality, relatability and passion for what she does all come together to provide parents with what they need for a child’s true success. Truly one of the greatest gifts you will ever give yourself and your family.”
    — C. Boren, Executive Director of “My School Preschool”
  • “Thank you so much for sharing your Insight with my family. Learning our PRINT has been tremendously helpful. Based on our individual PRINTS we are learning effective communication and most importantly understanding. I honestly feel that your evaluation assisted us with the understanding/insight that traditional counseling takes months to achieve. The evaluation process reaches past grudges, egos and took us to a deeper understanding of how & why we individually process information. I feel fortunate to have found Insinger Insight. I feel that this is a cutting edge transformative program. I hope more families have the opportunity to reach a deeper understanding of how & why we each learn, listen, to communicate more efficiently. Please know you are making a difference.”
    — K. Ramsdale, Parent
  • We have three young children that all have distinct learning styles and motivations. Jackie patiently walked us through her process, educating us along the way to ensure we could fully utilize all the insights gained today but also apply them for the future. We are tremendously grateful to Jackie for empowering us to be better parents through a much greater understanding of our children and ourselves. We highly recommend this service for any parent who wants to help their children succeed.
    — Maury Ankrum, parent
  • “Working with Jackie has been amazing. She has a way of reaching people that is uplifting and makes you feel at ease. She has an incredible understanding of interpersonal communication between parents, children and teachers and has discovered the magical missing link to connect us all. She worked with my 6 year old daughter, Ella, and I was so impressed at the invaluable insights she uncovered to help figure out not only what motivates and triggers her, but how to best help her grow and learn. Everyone I’ve spoken with who has taken the assessments can not believe how “spot on” the results are!  She is not only extremely well educated, but she is brilliant at connecting with people of all ages. My family has been in education for years and they are all so impressed with her insight and forward thinking when it comes to the future of our children and the teaching profession. She truly has discovered how we can best help our children grow and learn. I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to grasp this knowledge. It touches every aspect of life, and, after all aren’t our relationships what matter most? Jackie is a gift and I feel blessed to have found her.”
    — L. Firman, Parent

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