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Melissa Hirsch Photography – 5 Tips

Smart phone cameras are an incredible tool for documenting moments between your professional photography sessions. Please enjoy and use these five tips to take better photos with your smart phone:

  1. Ask what you’re photographing: Your son? The snow outside the day after perfect 70-degree weather? Yourself? This question is the most important first step to improving your snapshots. Once you know what you’re shooting, you can get rid of distracting elements in your frame.

What are you photographing

  1. Get closer: If you don’t know what you’re shooting, it’s easy to include a bunch of irrelevant background elements. But once you know, an easy way to make your shot better is simply to move closer to your subject. Let your dog’s face or the table’s centerpiece take up as much of your frame as possible!

Get CloserGet Closer 2

  1. Play with the light: Outside on a sunny day? Convention says to put the sun behind you and your subject in front of you. I’ve found most people don’t like the sun in their eyes – and it shows in the photos. Try the shot with the light behind them or find a shady spot instead.

Play with Light

  1. Have fun: Take an extra moment to smile before you click. Engage your subject. Rather than ‘cheese’, ask them to say something really silly, like a tongue twister, and the laughs will follow.

Have Fun

  1. Avoid dark spots: Smart phone cameras are almost unusable in the dark. They’re blurry and grainy, and using the flash almost guarantees red eye. While they might be fun every now and then, don’t count on getting a usable photo in these conditions!

Dark Spots


Company Description

Melissa Hirsch Photography provides bold, romantic, and dramatic photographs for families, couples, and event organizers. By combining elements of photojournalism and studio lighting and posing, Melissa Hirsch Photography creates one-of-a-kind images that are both flattering and deeply authentic.

Promotional Offering (for Summit Attendees only)

Stop by Melissa’s table to pick up a voucher for a family session ($50.00 of print credit), event photography (30 min free when you book two hours), OR wedding photography (complimentary engagement session when you book a collection).


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