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Metro’s Other Woman

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Metro's Other Woman

Metro’s Other Woman – 5 Tips

  1. Know your priorities and stick to them. Choose your priorities wisely because they provide direction and help you determine what’s important. Remember that you only have so much time, so if you bring something new into your life, it often means something else must go; having right priorities will make those decisions easier.
  1. Know when to ask for help and when to say ‘no’. We can’t all be Wonder Woman, so it’s okay to delegate or just say ‘no’. In fact, sharing the load helps you maintain a positive outlook because you’re not overloaded with life’s never-ending tasks.
  1. Keep your home and office in order as best as you can. A well-organized and well-maintained space will have a calming effect on your mind – and when your mind is calm, your life follows suit. It’s okay to delegate or outsource this task if you don’t have time!
  1. Get plenty of rest. We take care of those around us best when we take care of ourselves.
  1. Take time to enjoy life. Life shouldn’t be all about work or completing your never-ending to-do lists. Take time to just breathe and relax. What’s life without a little fun?


Promotional Offering (for the entire online community)

We know you’re busy – let us help! Take some things off your plate and $20 off your first service. Please mention code: WomenMix16 at time of booking. Expires 4/28/2017.

Company Description

Metro’s Other Woman® is a personal and business assisting firm which takes care of all the things that never go away, but seem to so often get in the way, allowing on-the-go people to just breathe. Whatever it is that takes up most of your time – laundry, straightening up the home, personal organization, errand running, meal prep, event planning, business assistance – Metro’s Other Woman® has got you covered.


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