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Money Breakthrough Method®

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MBM Logo_5e4749b96d00fMoney Breakthrough Method®

Something amazing happens when you stop trying to figure out money alone.

You want it, more money and the freedom it promises but without the conflicting emotions, the arguments with your significant other, the guilt and fear. You make a plan, set goals decide to do something. You have even tried budgeting but before you know it you are right back where you started, you are left wondering what happened.

We have the process of handling money in our life, business and relationships completely upside down.  We think we’re supposed to be practical so we try to budget, create spreadsheets and run our money life as if it is detached from any emotions. Inwardly, we hope and pray, telling ourselves that somehow it is magically going to change. This approach is backwards and flat out doesn’t work. This approach is stressing us out and making us feel we will never breakthrough our money glass ceiling.

Money is at the center of every decision we make in our lives, there is no getting around it, money wants our attention and if we ignore it has a way of waking us up.  There is an upside to all of this. The key is to become clear about how you want to actually feel about money, keeping and spending consciously and even being able to talk about it in a way that feels natural, simple and most of all do-able. What if you could create a new money consciousness and develop skills to back it up so that money became a positive grounding influence for enriching your life?

What happens with this kind of inner and outer clarity and skills? You’ll feel the way you really want to feel about money.  You’ll make decisions easier, you’ll be more positive, you’ll feel a surge in your self- worth and experience an increase in your net worth.  You’ll know how to have an open-hearted and productive money conversation and have more money for the people, experiences and goodies you want in your life.  You’ll have more to give because you will know what to say yes to and what to say no to. You’ll feel empowered to make new choices that make you happier. All of this is possible through the Money Breakthrough Method®

You are invited to a free 2-hour workshop on March 19, 10am-12pm to find out more. Call Terry at (720) 460-1054.



Terry Leigh Coaching_LogoTerry Holmes is passionate about helping people who want to shift their thinking & self imposed limitations to go beyond what they thought possible for themselves. Are you ready to live an extraordinary life, filled with passion, joy and abundance? Are you ready to change you thinking in order to create the life of your dreams? Our thoughts become things, they create our reality,  thoughts are created by our beliefs. We can consciously choose and change any beliefs that are not serving us and in doing so we change our lives.

Terry is a certified life coach,  “New Life Story Coach” & “Money Breakthrough Method” coach, Terry also owns and operates TGDanzport Studio, a ballroom dance studio,  with her husband of 31 years.  Terry has spent those 31+ years studying human accomplishment, relationships and behavior and has helped countless clients to lead more inspired and fulfilling lives. Whether on the dance floor or off, her unique perspective and insightful observations cut through the clutter and help her clients to create real change that empowers them to live to their full potential.

If you are ready to live more fully & experience more joy, abundance and accomplishment in your life call today to schedule and exploratory session.



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