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Not a Women’s Issue, but a People’s Issue

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Not a Women's IssueTwo reads NOT to miss this week: (1) Recline! Why “leaning in” is killing us  and (2) Why men should be more like Brad Pitt, highlight the importance of viewing the work-life debate as a priority for both women and men.  Both articles provide a refreshing and straight-talk approach to the fact that decisions, about leaning in or out, careers, child caring and the other components of a thriving life, are decisions of great impact for men, in addition, to women.  As Rosa Brooks states: “We need to fight for our right to lean out, and we need to do it together, girls. If we’re going to fight the culture of workplace ubiquity, and the parallel and equally-pernicious culture of intensive parenting, we need to do it together — and we need to bring our husbands and boyfriends and male colleagues along, too. They need to lean out in solidarity, for their own sake as well as ours.”  Read more

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