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Cindy Chang Mahlberg and Nicole Elias Seawell

Cindy Chang Mahlberg and Nicole Elias Seawell

Our Story

Women In The Mix is founded by two Ivy-League-educated women with a passion for working in and out of the home.  We are a mission-driven social enterprise focused on doing well by doing good.

Our mission is to EMPOWER, SUPPORT, and EQUIP women to create the work-life mix they want.  As young women, we are encouraged to pursue our dreams, to have ambition and career goals, to have a wonderful family…to “have it all.”  For most of us, while we are busily pursuing our degrees, we truly believe that this is possible.  Eventually, reality hits.  We start to realize that “having it all” is not as simple or easy as we once thought.  We have to prioritize and make choices, and we think “if only I had known…I would have chosen differently.”

We believe that “work-life balance” is a misnomer but that “work-life mix” is an attainable reality.  Through the collective experiences, choices, and inspirations of women in the mix, we hope that our efforts will empower women and practically guide career and life choices so that women can live more content, fulfilling, and inspiring lives…in a word, THRIVE.

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