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  1. “C” (and smell) the difference. Vitamin C products have traditionally been a gold-standard for anti-aging. However, as our favorite skin care specialist says: “just like drinking your OJ or taking vitamins in the morning, it’s just as important to incorporate a stable Vitamin C product into your daily skin care regimen.” Unlike a fine-wine, cosmetic Vitamin C does not get better with age. If your current Vitamin C product happens to smell eerily similar to an Oscar Meyer deli-meat, that’s not a good thing. Medik8 has several options for these types of products: C-Tetra for 20’s to 30’s, CE-Tetra for 30’s and 40’s, CE-Thione for 40’s and above.
  2. Get Younger While You Sleep.  Renewing your skin at night is also essential to help reverse the signs of aging. Retinol (Vitamin A) is another proven option that (unlike Vitamin C), you should only apply at night. Medik8 has 4 great options in this category: Retinol 3TR, Retinol 6TR, Retinol 10TR, and Retinol Eye TR are specially formulated to do all of the above actions without causing irritation.
  3. The Remedy for Tired Eyes . The eyes are not only the windows to the soul, but also an easy way to predict age if neglected. Dark circles and bags under the eye area can make most of us look exhausted. Medik8’s Dark Circles is a two in one product. It has a slight pigment to help with topical coverage as well as advanced ingredients to help tighten and reduce the appearance of dark circles.
  4. Pimples Don’t Stop at Puberty.  Thought you were done with breakouts forever? If only that were true. Spot treatments are great, and Medik8’s Beta Gel is a lifesaver that not only targets the source, but it does so without drying the skin.
  5. What are these dark spots that keep popping up?  Who doesn’t want to be outside soaking up some rays? The downside is that eventually, those relaxing days create the dark spots that eventually show up years later. Medik8 has a revolutionary product, White Balance Click, that has 7 active ingredients to help reduce signs of the dark spots as well as help them stay away. The best tip of all? Wear your sunscreen!

Company Description

Private Spa Shop sources five star skincare products from around the world, that are exclusive, professional, & results driven.  EstheChoc is our newest family member in innovative skincare – the world’s first age-defying chocolate.  A result of 10 years of research by Cambridge Chocolate Technologies, EstheChoc is clinically proven to regain skin health and slow the ageing process by improving the metabolism of ageing skin – all in a 38 calorie piece of 72.6% dark chocolate.

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