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Roy Lee B Photography – 5 Tips

  1. What might look good in everyday life might not look good when having your photo taken.  Colors that are too bright, and busy patterns and stripes can distract and take away from your face.
  1. Make sure clothing is ironed and clean.  Something might look white and clean in your house but once outside in the sun, it’s actually stained.
  1. Make sure clothing isn’t faded and there’s no fuzz or lint.  Especially when wearing sweaters or cotton.  When in doubt don’t wear it.
  1. Don’t have any type of treatments done right before a photo-shoot.  This includes facials, waxing, massages (suction cups!!).  Anything that might cause redness or bruising of the skin.  Give it a week.
  1. Be YOURSELF.  We are all amazing and let who you are shine through.  Don’t look to magazines or media, look to yourself!  Relax, breathe, and let the photographer guide you.


Company Description

Roy Lee B Photography is a Denver based portrait photographer specializing in stylized portraiture.  He fully believes that everyone is photogenic, and his job is to make you shine.

Promotional Offering (for Summit Attendees)

Enjoy 10% off the prices listed below:

Portrait Packages

  1. $250 Two hours, up to 30 images: Great for individual portraits, seniors, engagements, etc.
  2. $200 One and half hour, up to 20 images: Great for families with small children.
  3. $175 One hour, 10 images: Great for professional headshots.

Wedding & event photography also available.  Contact for more information.

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