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Snip Snap App & SAVEI collect 20% off coupons with vigor.  It pains me to pay full price at Sports Authority or Bed Bath & Beyond or anywhere when the coupons are plentiful. It is almost like a game for me.  So, there is nothing more annoying than forgetting the coupon at home.  Worry be gone! I just found the Snip Snap app that stores my coupons and puts them at the ready on my phone.  I simply take a photo of a paper coupon from a retailer or restaurant and Snip Snap converts it into a scannable coupon.  When I want to redeem, I just present my phone version of the coupon to the cashier.  Even better, anytime I walk into a store that offers a discount that I stored in the app, the app sounds an alert so I wont miss the discount.  Also, I can share coupons with friends and family via social media. It is my personal discount assistant.  Please share any shopping savings tips with us.  For a dollar saved is more than a dollar earned!

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