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Spottible: Reliable Travel Reviews

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Wixii-ficienciesIf you have the travel bug like me, good and trusted reviews/recommendations can make or break parts of the trip.  Plus, it can be so time consuming to do all the research ourselves.  No longer do we need to either do all the legwork or rely on the advice of faceless, nameless online reviewers. How?

Try this app: on your iPhone or iPad as it “helps travelers explore, organize, and share places and maps, online and offline.”  You can share your top picks while learning about the favorite places of friends and family.  This app lets you create collections to organize top spots in a location (which can be restaurants, hotels, points of interest, etc.).  Since your places and maps are fully offline, you pay no roaming charges to use overseas.   And another plus – those collections are private by default (you decide who to share with).  So, get planning for spring break now!

And best of all, its FREE!  Check it out and let’s be travel review buddies!

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