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Summit Sponsor: Inspired Living Feng Shui Promotional Offer

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Logo Inspired Living Feng ShuiProud to announce Summit Sponsor, Inspired Living Feng Shui: Inspiring you to THRIVE in your environment!
In Chinese, the words Feng Shui literally mean, “wind-water,” and it is the Art and Science of the Placement of our things to create balance and harmony in our environment so we may aspire to our brilliance!  When the energy is blocked or stuck, we may feel sick, depleted, poor, angry and alone. When the chi in your home is open and flowing, we feel our natural energy of health, vibrancy and well being.As a Feng Shui Practitioner in the Black-Sect Tantric Buddhist school of Feng Shui, owner Nicolette Vajtay’s goal is to help you create more health, wealth, happiness, love, clarity, purpose and anything else your heart desires, by opening up the energy in your environment and thus in your life!  With her ONLINE FENG SHUI CLASSES, she makes Feng Shui available to all and with private consultations, she spends hours focused on your highest good in your home, your office, or both!Nicolette Vajtay 
Special Promotion for Women in the Mix Community & Summit Attendees:

1. 50% OFF COUPON for our Feng Shui & Love Online Course:
“Create More Sex, Love and Passion with Feng Shui”

2. Come to the Summit and receive a FREE COUPON for our Feng Shui & Support Online Course: “Receiving Support in Business & Life with Feng Shui”

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