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Summit Sponsor: The Abstract Owl Promotional Offer

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Abstract Owl LogoWe are thrilled to announce our Summit photography partner, The Abstract Owl Photography.  Abstract Owl is a  lifestyle, fine art and theatrical inspired portrait photography plus much much more.
Owner and photographer, Camile Morrison, shares: “‘The world needs your dream’ – Anonymous.  This quote stares at me from a sticky note, stuck to the front of my desktop, as my kids and husband are sound asleep and I am editing.  It’s not uncommon for it to still be staring at me at 4:00am.  It’s a quote that gives me purpose, a wonderful reminder of why I do what I do and why I’m up until 4:00am doing it.  For the love of making people feel beautiful, bringing smiles to those that didn’t want to smile, watching the eyes light up on a new baby as they smile back at me and freezing a moment in time so that it can always be revisited and reminisced about.  Evoking a feeling, bringing to life an idea, capturing a lifestyle or creating a little escape from reality all while providing personable service and a beautiful finished product to display in your home, it’s all a part of My Dream.  Lifestyle, fine art and theatrical inspired portrait photography plus much much more.”
Headshot CamileMorrisonPromotion for Women in the Mix Community:

The Abstract Owl Photography offers the Women in the Mix community 50% off a 1 hour, Outdoor session.  (Full price Outdoor session fee = $100).  Set up your session by contacting Camile at 303-475-0527 or

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