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Summit Sponsor: Wildtree

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Wildtree LogoLori Fox of Wildtree recently signed up as a Summit Sponsors.  She is excited to introduce Wildtree products to the Wixii Community (or provide you with the favorites you already know and love). Wildtree’s entire product line is all-natural: they contain no chemicals, additives, preservatives, MSG, or food dyes. Lori shares more about why she joined Wildtree and opportunities available for healthy foods or extra income:

“I want the best for myself and my family! I love food and trying new, fresh, healthy foods! I can’t wait to share this love of great food with you though Wildtree. With Wildtree you’ll be making quick, easy, delicious meals that are healthy and affordable. Of course, the best way to get our products is to receive them for FREE by hosting your own Wildtree tasting or Freezer Meal Workshop.  Your friends will be thrilled to learn there IS a healthier alternative that is quick and easy. A freezer meal workshop is how I got hooked on Wildtree – think about it, a night out with your friends and you come home with 10 or more healthy meals that are made with all natural ingredients and if you host, your workshop can be FREE.

Additionally, Wildtree also offers a wonderful business opportunity. I love building my business while still being able to do my full time job. Wildtree is one of the fastest growing direct selling companies in the nation and we have a combination that can’t be beat:  an incredible compensation plan, a consumable product that appeals to everyone, and one that is a necessity, not a luxury.  I look forward to hearing how I can help you eat healthier, host a fun tasting, or get started with a fun business that will give you the income and flexibility you never dreamed possible.”

To find out more about Wildtree, products, tastings, Freezer Meal Workshops and/or business opportunities for extra income, contact Lori at or 301-461-8772





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