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Jackie Insinger

The Wixii™ Project: Jackie Insinger

Name: Jackie Insinger Location: Colorado Professional Industry: Positive Psychology Company: Insinger Insights Job Title: Motivation, Connection and Learning Expert     WIXII-ISM™ FROM JACKIE: “‘What day is it?’, asked Winnie the Pooh. ‘It’s today,’ squeaked Piglet. ‘My favorite day,’ said Pooh.” —The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh by A. A. Milne JACKIE’S STORY: Meet our […]

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Heide Garrigan

The Wixii™ Project: Heide Garrigan

Name: Heide Garrigan Location:  Colorado Company:  Pivotal Consulting Inc. Professional Industry:  Executive Team Coach and Leadership Mentor Job Title:  Founder & President WIXII-ISM™ FROM HEIDE GARRIGAN:  “I often share that one’s career is like a marriage, you have to give and take.  It’s a mix of compromise and collaboration. If you are only “giving” then you […]

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Laura L'Herault

The Wixii™ Project: Laura L’Herault

Name:  Laura L’Herault Location:  Colorado Company:  Great Play – Cherry Creek  Professional Industry:  Youth Enrichment Job Title:  Owner WIXII-ISM™ FROM LAURA L’HERAULT:  “Take charge of your life and make those changes you have always dreamt about doing — Sing Loud, Jump High and Dream Big!!!” LAURA’S STORY: Meet our featured Wixii™, Laura LHerault.  She is […]

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Tamara Myles

The Wixii™ Project: Tamara Myles

Name:  Tamara Myles Location:  Boston, MA Company:  Tamara Myles Consulting Professional Industry:  Consulting Job Title: Productivity Expert, Author, and International Speaker WIXII-ISM™ FROM TAMARA MYLES:  “I work every day to help create a world where people are making conscious daily decisions about how they are spending their time—a world where people elevate time to the same […]

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Angel Tuccy

The Wixii™ Project: Angel Tuccy

Name:  Angel Tuccy Location:  Colorado Company:  Experience Pros Professional Industry:  Journalism/Media (Talk Radio) Job Title: Co-Host WIXII-ISM™ FROM ANGEL:  “I often think that I can do it myself quicker than trying to explain it to someone, but truly, my best time saver has been inviting others to help.” ANGEL’S STORY: Meet our featured Wixii™, Angel […]

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Rachel Schultz

The Wixii™ Project: Rachel Schultz

Name:  Rachel Schultz Location:  Colorado Company: Manage Motherhood Professional Industry:  Life-Organizing Expert & Certified Holistic Health Coaching Job Title:  President & Founder WIXII-ISM™ FROM RACHEL:  “I believe one’s entire life is about perspective and perspective is malleable. It can be shaped exactly to your specifications so one of my primary focuses is on maintaining mental […]

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Brenda Abdilla Family Photo

The Wixii™ Project: Brenda Abdilla

Name:  Brenda Abdilla Location:  Colorado Company: Management Momentum Professional Industry:  Career Coaching Job Title:  President WIXII-ISM™ FROM BRENDA ABDILLA:  “I had all the best tools to work when my son was little (committed husband, one child, help, a thriving career, supportive family) and it was still hard, hard, hard.” BRENDA’S STORY: Meet our featured Wixii™, Brenda […]

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The Wixii™ Project: Angela Cody

The Wixii™ Project: Angela Cody Rouget

Name:  Angela Cody Rouget Location:  Colorado Company: Major Moms Professional Industry:  Productivity & Residential Organizing Job Title:  Owner & Certified Professional Organizer WIXII-ISM™ FROM ANGELA:  “Living in disorganized and chaotic homes wastes time and money. It also create a lot of stress on each family member–including the pets. Simplify your life and you will have more […]

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Carla Khabbaz

The Wixii™ Project: Carla Khabbaz

Name: Carla Khabbaz Location: Colorado Company: A Fresh Start Alliance Professional Industry:  Coaching Job Title: Life Coach & Founder WIXII-ISM™ FROM CARLA:  “I feel our relationship with ourselves is the most vital relationship we can cultivate.  Too often, I see women give to others more easily than they give to themselves.  I see them wrapping […]

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