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Taking Steps Forward, Destination (Un)Known

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Taking Steps Forward, Destination (Un)KnownThis week’s featured Wixii™, Jeri Morgan, inspires me by the proactive planning she and her husband are taking to build a better future and lifestyle for their family.  In addition to both working full-time corporate jobs and raising 2-year old twins, together they are building a family business.  Jeri shares, “Growing a business that one-day will enable us to have the work-life choices we want and to be able to live the life we want is amazing….I am so optimistic of what life will hold for our business and for our family.”  Their dedication reminds me that we each have the potential to handle so much more than our own imagination sometimes limits us to think.

Trish Gibbons, a Wixii woman featured this past spring, also took proactive steps to design the work-life mix she wanted for her and her family.  In Trish’s words: “when I reestablished my company I knew I wanted to create a business model that would support my ideal lifestyle of being a staying home mom…and the model I built is succeeding in helping my family and I realize that ideal.”

Both Wixii women have realized the value in planning ahead and are taking steps toward the work-life mix that they envision, which will enable themselves and their families to thrive.  Of course, the timeline may not happen as planned and there will almost certainly be detours and revisions along the way, but their actions are a reminder that the process itself of planning and follow through is critically important at each stage of mixing work and life.  It’s not the plans themselves but the benefits from planning that count.  Planning keeps us engaged and active in our work-life mix, which is how we move from survival to survival+, regardless of our individual destinations.

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