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That’s What’s For Dinner!

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2013.11.26 Whats for Dinner

What’s for dinner?”  I don’t know three more dreaded words at the end of each busy day.  Whether the kids are young and at home or school aged filling the late afternoons and early evenings with endless afterschool activities and sports practices, the question of what’s for dinner is a major stressor.  We all come and go from activities all evening, and this has challenged our commitment to our nightly healthy family dinner. With the change of seasons and the cold weather settling in, our family embraced soups and chili for the revolving-door weekday dinners.  Now, we make several healthy protein laden soups like Thai lemongrass coconut chicken, chicken chorizo corn chowder and three bean chili on Sundays, and then warm up a pot each night with salad and fresh fruit.  Dinner is served!  (Please share your favorites with me.)

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