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The Spicy Radish – 5 Tips

  1. Don’t feel bad if everyone isn’t sitting down together every night. Pick what nights work for your families’ schedule and be consistent.
  2. Family dinner doesn’t have to be a home-cooked meal every single night. Spending time together is what’s important.
  3. Set the table! Fun placemats and napkins can make it feel like an occasion and younger children like to help.
  4. For younger, pickier eaters, don’t battle over what gets eaten. Offer a few options – some you know they’ll eat and some they might reject. Even if they refuse to try it’s important to keep offering new foods, one day they may surprise you!
  5. Plan ahead, a little bit of advance planning can help take the stress out of the “What’s for dinner?” question. For example, if you know you’ll cook two nights, have something delivered two nights, and order a pizza one night, it’s better (and healthier and more affordable) to get in the habit of planning a bit in advance than making last-minute decisions.


Company Description

The Spicy Radish is a locally-owned meal delivery service in Denver, Colorado. We offer a weekly menu of high quality, delicious dinners that are made from scratch, easy to reheat and delivered to your door.

Promotional Offering (for Summit Attendees only)

Summit attendees can receive 20% off their first order with The Spicy Radish by entering the coupon code: work-life.

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