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The Wixii™ Project: Allison Kaelberer

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Allison KaelbererName:  Allison Kaelberer

Location:  Cherry Hills Village, CO

Professional Industry:  Healthcare, Sales

Company: Truven Health

Job Title: Director of Sales


“I believe it is key to maintain relationships with high-impact people that you meet in life.  High-impact people are people that you connect with and exude positive  energy, ideas, and productivity.  I like to bond with people outside my sales network to get a completely different perspective on projects as I find with the right high-impact people, the synergy we can develop is unstoppable.  I also have professional friends from 15 years ago that I am still close with and can call and work out an issue with in no time.  I have actually met two of my professional mentors on a plane! I talk to everyone and learn their story, as everyone has something to teach/share with others.  You never know whose story may hold the solution you are looking for or whose story will change your life for the better.” 


Meet our featured Wixii™, Allison Kaelberer.   She is in her early forties and mother to CJ, 9, and Brady, 7.    Her formal education is a master’s degree from the University of Colorado in Communications/Business.  She currently is the Director of Sales in Truven Health where her responsibilities include running a team of salespeople and responsible for a $40 million portion of business in Healthcare Software sales.

As main caregiver and primary breadwinner for herself and two sons, she devotes 50 per week to her career and would rate her work-life satisfaction level as a 5 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being highest).  She describes the policies of her workplace as slightly work-life friendly and through the years has relied upon a full time nanny and now her parents to assist in juggling work and parenting responsibilities.   Healthcare IT is a fairly male dominated field currently.  However, she is working with a group of women to start a women’s mentoring group as well as sharing women’s executive meetings and coaching session opportunities outside her company with female colleagues.  Allison is 100% responsible for the family’s shopping, children’s school work, and extracurricular responsibilities.  She is 61-80% responsible for caregiving, cooking, cleaning, and laundry.

To maintain her own well-being, weekly Allison exercises and eats well.   On a monthly basis she spends time with friends and connects with loves ones.  Annually she hopes to make time for hobbies, sleep, pampering, travel for pleasure and prayer/meditation.  Monthly, she volunteers up to ten hours with her boys’ school as well as a charitable group at work that organizes functions for Toys for Tots and Dress for Success.


My current work-life mix is possible (manageable) because of…

Before my sons were of primary school age, I had a full time nanny for several years.  Now my parents are the boys’ main caregiver when I am working.

In what ways did your work-life mix change after having children?

I traveled 90% of the time prior to having children. That quickly changed as I no longer had the desire to be away. I still travel a considerable amount with my work but I organize trips differently and am very action oriented and driven to complete tasks. The work life mix is still a challenge but I hire help where I can to spend more time with my boys.

Growing-up, what was your vision of work and life?

I always knew I would be in business however I wasn’t sure what kind until college. I was always a driven and competitive child and liked the idea of the corporate world.

What has surprised you most about juggling work and family?

My boys are always surprising me and tugging at my heartstrings. What has surprised me most about the work life juggle is how difficult it can be with last minute meetings and business travel that cannot be missed and trying to explain why you may miss a school event. Typically with time and organization I can plan out my schedule so that I can be in the classroom and not missing events however on occasion things come up and it is difficult. Also the guilt factor of enjoying your career/job and missing important events has been a challenge and surprise. I am still working through this.

Describe a current “day in your life” from waketime to bedtime:

6:00am: Wake, shower, start breakfast

7:15am: Wake up boys (if they aren’t up already) eat breakfast, spelling word review, kiss goodbye

8:15am: Office or on a plane

5:00pm: Home, homework, dinner

7:30pm: Showers/ reading/ bed for boys

9:00pm: Email

10:30pm: Bed

On a daily basis, I am energized/motivated/inspired by:

My two boys energize me as they learn and share amazing things with me.  I am also energized/inspired by my parents who show patience and love and are a rock for me.

On a daily basis, I am drained/frustrated by:

Work stress and bad traffic

What do you wish you could change about your current work-life mix?

I am currently looking for new opportunities to better balance my work-life mix. My current position is very high stress and high travel so I am keeping my eyes open for new opportunities.

What does “having it all” mean to you?

Having it all to me means being extremely happy and satisfied with both personal life and professional life. It means having that perfect balance and not feeling guilty on either end.

Do you think that you “have it all”?

I currently do not have it all but I am getting closer and believe as the pendulum is swinging to a more women’s world (i.e. more female college and MBA grads, more female Dr’s and more female CEO’s) then the benefits of employing balanced women will become more mainstream.


Share your key(s) to maintaining order (“managing it all”) and any tools you highly recommend:

Pack backpacks and lunches the night before. Set up homework (spelling tests) at kitchen table to complete with breakfast. Always try to wake up and get ready before the boys are up.

I think it is key to maintain relationships with high-impact people that you meet in life. I have professional friends from 15 years ago that I am still close with and can call and work out an issue with in no time. I have actually met two of my professional mentors on a plane! I talk to everyone and learn their story and everyone has something to teach/share.

What advice would you give a pre-child version of yourself?

WOW. I’d say, calm down you have a long life ahead of you. Enjoy the simple things.


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