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The Wixii™ Project: Angela Cody Rouget

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The Wixii™ Project: Angela Cody

Name:  Angela Cody Rouget

Location:  Colorado

Company: Major Moms

Professional Industry:  Productivity & Residential Organizing

Job Title:  Owner & Certified Professional Organizer


Living in disorganized and chaotic homes wastes time and money. It also create a lot of stress on each family member–including the pets. Simplify your life and you will have more time to enjoy it.


Meet our featured Wixii™, Angela Cody Rouget.  She is early 40s and mother to a 10 year old daughter and 8.5 year old son.  She received a BA in Speech Communication from Indiana University, MBA from University of Colorado. She currently is the owner and Certified Professional Organizer in the productivity and residential organizing field.

If you meet Angela, be sure to ask her about her military career: “I had the keys to the nukes! I was a missileer in the USAF.”


I served in the U.S. Air Force for 14 years and learned that most people embrace and thrive in orderly environments. I attained the rank of Major in the USAF and my husband nicknamed me Major Mom after our first child was born. After our second child was born, I chose motherhood over the military. Finally free to be the mom of my dreams, I was inspired to help civilian moms and dads create organized homes that supported their dreams. I started Major Mom seven years ago and now I have 12 employees who help me on my mission to restore order to the world, one household at a time.


Attitude determines your joy and the ability of others to be happy. I have a ‘can do’ attitude and my faith in God enables me to be a risk-taker. I am positive, practical and love planning ahead. However, if my plans need to change, I am spontaneous enough and able to accept the error of the plan and change course as needed. I am not a perfectionist and this can drive my business partner, employees and a few of my clients crazy!

My current mix is having my priorities in alignment: God, Family, Career and Me. Being present with my kids physically, emotionally and spiritually is part of my daily mix.  I am thrilled I get to take them to school and pick them up each day. When school is out, I take my kids to business meetings, networking events and my office. Being a business owner, wife, mother, sister, friend, employer, business partner, volunteer, professional organizer can get all mixed up and confusing. I know when the mix is not working because my kids cry when I leave for a meeting. Then I pull back and rely on God to help me figure out how to continue to grow and be home in the evenings.

House:  how do you maintain order/status quo and/or how do you “manage it all” just a bit better?

I am a professional organizer and spent 14 years in the USAF. Therefore, I know how to be the Chief Operations Officer of my household. I run my household in an orderly fashion: A place for everything and everything in its place. Checklists, routine charts and consequences help ensure I am raising children in the way they should go. They are expected to make their lunches, do their laundry and clean their rooms. I expect my children to be good family members. I expect my husband to help around the house. We have a good division of labor and we all work together in harmony. I also am a godly woman and I know how to be loving, patience, merciful and generous to my children. Now, I am still working on how to be that way with my husband! It is a journey.

Please share specific tips for effectively managing your time and schedule.

It is so much easier to manage time when you are organized. In addition to having a digital calendar system on your smartphone synched with Google or Outlook, it is important to ensure your home is decluttered and organized.

Please share your favorite efficiencies and timesavers.

Living in disorganized and chaotic homes wastes time and money. It also create a lot of stress on each family member–including the pets. Simplify your life and you will have more time to enjoy it.


Auto:  Each time you come home, take in an armful of items from your car. Getting into a clean car is such a great feeling!

Bathroom:  Make a pledge to use up your current inventory of lotions, hair care, and other personal products before buying more. If you’re really honest and don’t see yourself using them, toss them out!

Bills:  You can’t afford to keep paying bills late. Sign up for auto-pay on recurring bills and cancel paper statements. Assign one collection point for non-recurring bills and select one day each month to pay those bills.

Clothing:  If someone held all your clothing hostage and you had to pay a ransom for each item you wanted back, which pieces would you pay for? Those are the clothes you love. Donate the others.

Clutter:  Have 3 boxes: donate, elsewhere, and trash. Start in one room, working clockwise. Items that you find that belong in another room go in the ‘elsewhere’ box. Items you don’t need go in ‘donate.’ Work for 20 minutes each day and then put things from the elsewhere box in the appropriate rooms.

Décor:  Minimize cleaning time by minimizing your décor. Donate items that are no longer inspiring to you and that feel outdated or tired-looking.

Kitchen: The locale for everything gadget-y. Thin out specialty tools that rarely get used. Store them elsewhere in a seasonal or entertaining area or let them go.

Meals:  Take the frustration out of meal planning. Subscribe to online meal-planning sites such as,, or

Papers:  Perhaps the most overwhelming of all. Imagine being paperless, how good that would feel! Start by going paperless. Cancel magazine & catalog subscriptions (call the 800# inside, it only takes 2 minutes!) and junkmail (

Schedules:  Plan out your week or month in advance. Mark down work commitments and personal time. What tasks, errands, appointments and events are you going to do? Kindly say no to events that would require you to over-commit yourself. Simply say, “I’d love to, but I already have commitments that day.”

Toys:  Too many toys in the room? Put some aside and rotate toys every few weeks to keep things fresh for the kids. They’ll ask for their favorites. Are there toys they never seem to miss or they’ve outgrown? You guessed it, donate or toss them!

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