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The Wixii™ Project: Nicolette Vajtay

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Nicolette Vajtay Feng Shui and Inspired Living Space Expert

Name: Nicolette Vajtay
Location: California
Professional Industry: Home & Life Inspirations
Company: Inspired Living Feng Shui
Job Title: Feng Shui Consultant


“Align, then act.  Align to the highest potential, the highest good for all in any moment, then act. ”

“Sometimes I take myself so very seriously, and forget to play and enjoy the journey.  One more newsletter may not change my world, but a wonderful conversation with a friend may indeed be a life changer.”


Meet our featured Wixii™, Nicolette Vajtay.  She is 50 and received her BFA in the Performing Arts from Montclair University, and an MFA from Harvard also in the performing arts.  Growing up with five siblings she did everything she could to get any kind of attention, mostly perform!  Sharing a room with two other sisters started her career as an Organizer!  She earned her Feng Shui Certification from Feng Shui Designs, Inc. and is a Red Ribbon Professional with the International Feng Shui Guild.  She is currently a Feng Shui Consultant in the Home & Life Inspirations industry.

Interestingly, Nicolette is a multiple award winning playwright, and has experienced twelve of her original plays produced at different theatres in both LA and in Denver.  Writing is a passion and she is mid-way through her first novel.


In Feng Shui, the career path is influenced by the water element.  It can flow with beauty and rhythm, it can flow rapidly and roughly over obstacles, it can pull over and rest in an eddy for however long it needs to regroup, and then swing back into the flow.  The beauty of water is that it will always find its way and it will always move through obstacles by going under, around, over or even through.  Think of the Grand Canyon and the awe it inspires in its wisdom and beauty, all created by water.  Even more inspiring is that water is also always moving back to its source.  What a beautiful metaphor for my career.  Even with obstacles strewn on the path, I know I am headed in the right direction, and I am being led along the way back to the source.


I believe positivism and a good attitude will win in the long run, even if there are moments of paralysis, lack, and the fear of not being good enough.  I think that’s just being human.  But it’s the judgments we place on ourselves that hurt us the most.  If we judge where we are, we can’t move forward.  The judgment keeps us stuck where we are with blame, and shame and even self-hatred.  Planning or being spontaneous, taking or averting risks may shape the physical landscape of our lives, but it’s our attitude toward whatever is happening in the moment, which will determine the next choices we make.  And the next and the next.

With an ample on-line clientele, I often work from home and gratefully avoid LA traffic.  During my work-from-home days I must be even more disciplined, stay focused on the work, and not do the laundry, or the dishes, or the errand I feel I must run.  I commit to myself and to my business that certain hours of the day are work hours.  Since I am currently rebuilding my life in LA, having moved back here less than a year ago, I may be a bit out of balance, working more hours than having fun.  And that’s okay for right now.  To stay healthy in this busier time, I carve out two or three early mornings (non-negotiable) for some kind of fun physical activity… my favorite thing right now is country line dancing.  They have classes at the YMCA.  It’s quite the workout!  Cleaning often falls to the lowest point of necessity, until it becomes the most important point of necessity, as my environment only supports me and my success, when I care for my environment.

Work:  how do you “think outside the box” with respect to your work-life potential and opportunities? 

Working in the esoteric field of Feng Shui is way outside the box, and paradoxically, I work in the boxes we call our homes.  It’s the esoteric and the mundane in perfect balance, the yin and the yang.

We may be spiritual beings, but we live in a physical world, and that world has shape, form and color.  How fortunate we are that we may affect both realms.  We may understand our spiritual world through prayer, meditation, and journaling (to name a few), and with Feng Shui, design, color, textures and so much more, we learn about and affect our physical environment.  I start with the spiritual, and mix in the physical to create a life that supports my highest potential.

Family:  how do you build meaningful relationships with the people who matter most in your life?

Schedule, schedule, schedule, schedule.  Then honor that schedule!

Self:  how do you strengthen your own identity and not lose yourself in the mix?

Every day starts with meditation and prayer.  I heard Abraham-Hicks say, before you do anything, align with truth, source, Spirit, God… first.  We think we don’t have time to meditate and clear out the worry, fear and anxiety before the day begins.  But if we don’t clear that out, the emotions of that fear, worry and anxiety will control the day, and will take you on a ride.  Align, then act.  Align to the highest potential, the highest good for all in any moment, then act.  When we act from there, we move and create from a place of peace, contentment, calm, and from a knowing that all is good, and all is working out in perfect order.

Describe a “day in your life” from waketime to bedtime:

Kitty purrs before the alarm goes off at 6:30, which is both sweet and sour when I could have had twenty more minutes in deep rest.  His snuggles for the nine minutes of snooze time is purrrr joy.  Get up, make bed (they say this alone will change the tone of your day), feed kitty, shower, hair, makeup, dress.  Meditate. Journal.  Stillness.  Set the tone of the day.  Connect with the divine intelligence of the Universe.  Then GO!  Coffee, emails, traffic, NPR, phone calls, miss an exit, keep breathing, remind myself that I am right where I am, worrying will not get me there sooner.  Switch to music, sing, sing loud, cover clock in car with a post it note.  I will be there when I am there. Inspiration with clients, maybe some food or back on the road to avoid traffic, then food, emails, computer work, calls, see a friend, take a walk, a swim, or go to a dance class, run an errand, shop, cook, eat, resssssst!  7pm the computer is turned off!  Put a few things away, wash dishes (or save till morning), read something wonderful, watch something moving, romantic or funny, talk with a friend, play with kitty, turn off phone at 9pm, and wind down into the quiet of the evening.  Sleep!  I love to sleep.  Not every day is like this… some are more quiet, some are busier.  One or two days a week I write for hours, and slip away into the drama or comedy of my characters.  Ahhhhhh…. That was a good day!

What specific actions, choices, steps and/or decisions have you made (or would you like to make) to better manage your work-life mix?

I’m still single – which is odd, because you’d think as a Practitioner of Feng Shui I could just cure that!  Unfortunately, I am not excused from my karma, or the lessons on my life path just because I am an inspirational consultant.  I have just as much personal growth to do as everyone else.  Dating is sometimes truly fun, and sometimes absolutely horrible!  And once I see his place, I learn so much about him.  In just a few minutes, I know when to run and when it’s safe to explore more deeply.  However, my romantic relationships often get trumped by my work, so it is my intention in 2016 to make better choices.  I am going to say yes to dinner parties, bowling, paint night, to go play kick ball with a beer in my hand, to take that course on how to cook that meal, and to just have more fun.  And when I’m having fun, I trust I’ll will be so magnetic, I will attract him like a bee to honey.

If you could change one thing about your work-life mix, what would it be?

Sometimes I take myself so very seriously, and forget to play and enjoy the journey.  One more newsletter may not change my world, but a wonderful conversation with a friend may indeed be a life changer.

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