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There with Care

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There with Care

Top Five Tips for Selecting a Nonprofit for Philanthropic Opportunities


  1. Passion. Think about your passions, what you care about and how you like to spend your time and use your unique talents. Many nonprofits are grateful for your ideas, time and resources and will help to bring you on board in a way that resonates with you.
  1. Family. Consider nonprofits where the entire family can get in­volved. Encouraging and empowering children and teens to contribute to their community and their neighbors can be very powerful and nur­ture a lifelong skill set. Helping others in a meaningful way can provide a lifetime of opportunities that will bring joy, empathy and feelings of accomplishment.
  1. Participate. Research various organizations to make certain they are operating efficiently and fiscally responsible to ensure an experience that focuses on the mission of the organization. Look for a nonprofit that provides a variety of opportunities to engage the community, works hard to accomplish its mission, thoughtfully allocates its funding to its programming, and makes you feel thanked and valued.
  1. Give. Be realistic about how you want to participate and spend your time working for a nonprofit. Are you interested in volunteering, helping write grants, engaging in community service, raising/donating funds or essential program items or perhaps serving in an administrative role?
  1. Care. Providing care to families and children who need it through work with a nonprofit gives people ownership and pride over their participation. Working in a supportive community that listens, is kind and says thank you is important to developing two-way relationships that accomplish the mission of the organization and provide satisfaction to those helping.


Company Description

There With Care is a Colorado non-profit that provides a wide range of thoughtful and fundamental services to children and families during the critical phase of a medical crisis. These programs include grocery deliveries giving parents more time with their children, transportation to and from medical treatments, house cleaning services for families with immune compromised patients, essential baby care items for families with infants leaving the neonatal intensive care unit and much more.  Over the past ten years, There With Care has served more than 2,000 families during a medical crisis. To learn more about There With Care, please visit or contact Jennifer Purdum at (303) 756-2273.


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