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U.S Bank – 5 Tips

  1. Always make it personal
  2. Take ownership
  3. Offer Multichannel support
  4. Human touch to digital experience
  5. Feedback, Feedback, Feedback


Company Description

D.D. has been in banking for over 13 years and is currently working for U.S. Bank located at 9376 S University Boulevard in Highlands Ranch.  She enjoys helping people with business analysis and planning. Her combined experience in banking over the years provides a keen understanding of complex financial and operational issues that often impact value, while maintaining a personal, yet strategic approach.  If buying a company, owning a building, or growing a business is your goal, then she wants to help make that a reality.

Promotional Offering

In small business banking, every day brings new challenges and solutions. D.D. enjoys learning about companies, their industry, how they make money, and how she can help them.  Visit D.D.’s table to learn more about special offers from U.S. Bank or contact her with any business needs at 303.683.2011 or email her at

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