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What Does Male/Female Equality Really Mean?

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2014.3.17 Male:Female EqualityIn her June 2013 TED talk, Anne-Marie Slaughter asks  What Does Male/Female Equality Really Mean?   She argues that breadwinning and caregiving must be valued equivalently in order to achieve full gender equality: “I suggest that real equality, full equality, does not just mean valuing women on male terms.  It means creating a much wider range of equally respected choices for women and for men.”

Slaughter’s talk emphasizes that work and family go hand in hand and are not two separate issues divided by gender.  As Slaughter suggests: “If family comes first, work does not come second — life comes together.”

For gender equality, breadwinning and caregiving need to be viable and respected options in our society for both men and women.  “Real equality means recognizing that the work that women have traditionally done is just as important as the work that men have traditionally done — no matter who does it,” Slaughter says.  In order for true equality to be achieved, both genders need to grow simultaneously.

So, grab your spouse, brother or male coworker and watch What Does Male/Female Equality Really Mean?  Let’s start evolving together.

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