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What’s a Wixii™?

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Wix·ii™ [wik-see]




  1. describing a woman who thrives in her work-life mix.
  2. describing any woman who aspires to thrive in her work-life mix and to have meaningful work-, family-, and personal-life.


  1. wix·ii·tas·tic.  superlative.  excellent.  of a very high quality (in matters of work and life for women). <a wixii-tastic mompreneur>
  2. wix·ii·esque.  having qualities that empower women to live more content, fulfilling, and inspiring lives. <a wixii-esque moment>
  3. wix·ii·friend·ly.  supporting and encouraging women in their quest to thrive through it all. <a wixii-friendly employer>


December 12, 2012; Colorado (Denver); a movement to replace the misnomer of work-life balance with the reality of individual thriving work-life mix.

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