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Wixii™ Carla Khabbaz Promotional Offer

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Carla Khannaz Promotion

Featured Wixii™, Carla Khabbaz, helps women “get off the hamster wheel of life” so they can live with purpose, connect to their true passion and learn the tools needed to heal past wounds, let go of negative attachments, and dismantle the blocks that keep them stuck.  She offers workshops and private coaching.

This week, Carla offers the Women in the Mix community a complimentary private 45-minute strategy session for one woman per day for next 30 days.  That’s 30 complimentary sessions for the first 30 women who are ready to take charge.  To reserve a spot, contact Carla directly via email ( and mention you are a Women in the Mix community member.  Offer expires on March 7, 2014.

Carla shares: “Women who have attended my workshops, done private coaching with me, or heard me speak, know how intensely passionate I am about Living Life on Purpose, my own and yours.  I understand what it means to yearn to discover your calling, your purpose in this world, and the biggest and brightest expression of who you truly are.  For years my life looked perfect on paper.  I had everything anyone could possibly want, yet I felt exhausted and disconnected.  My daily life felt meaningless and task driven.  And worst of all, I often struggled with feeling guilty for not being truly happy.  I had lost touch with real joy in my relationships, career, and life in general.

After many of years of suffering in silence, I reached a point where I could no longer ignore the fact that deep down, I knew there was something more to my life.  I made the conscious choice to stop living on auto-pilot, I took charge of my life and I discovered the inner voice of my soul.

Through this process, I not only began to feel fully immersed in my life again, but learned to live as the real me, love more fully in my relationships and experience true success in my career.

I now find deep joy and satisfaction in helping other women do the same.”

If you’re interested in Carla’s coaching, please contact Carla at to take advantage of your complimentary session.  


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