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Wixii™ Reads (August 21, 2013)

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Wixii-Reads (August 21, 2013)Flex Time, Part-Time: Important Options for Strong Workplaces and Individuals Seeking to Thrive in the Work-Life Mix

Women and Men Both Ask for Flex Time at Work. Guess Who Gets It? by Nanette Fondas

“A team of researchers from Yale, Texas, and Harvard asked managers how they would respond to requests for a flexible schedule (in the form of a shift in work hours) from male versus female employees, from professional workers versus hourly workers, and for the purpose of career development versus childcare. Managers were most likely to grant a shift in work hours to the professional men pursuing career advancement opportunities. Male hourly workers also were likely to receive approval if they needed flexibility for family care. But the women—both professional and hourly—were unlikely to be granted a flexible schedule regardless of the reason for the request….”

What Mothers Really Want: To Opt In Between (INFOGRAPHIC) by Lisa Belkin

“Hulafrog’s survey of 2,127 U.S. women with children at home under the age of 18 find that rather than Opting In or Out, mothers today would prefer a third option, someplace in between.  Currently 45 percent of those polled work full-time, 25 percent work part-time and 30 percent stay-at -home. But what do they WANT to do?  Given their choice, 65 percent would work part-time, only 9 percent would work full-time and 26 percent would stay home.”


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