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Wixii™ Reads (May 22, 2013)

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Wixii Reads May 22, 2013

4 Small Steps Toward a More Productive Work-Life Mix

Step 1: Consider: Why You Need A Mentoring Network  Developmental network – multi-level, several relationships, inside and outside your organization – is a very powerful way for you to establish a support group for your professional goals and development. This practice expands the traditional mentor/mentee relationship to an awareness of the many people that have guiding roles in your life – one may offer career support, another psycho-social support. Click here for 3 ways to develop your network.

Step 2:  Instant Productivity Booster: Quit Multitasking  While there are some people who can multitask, unfortunately, you are probably not one of them. That is not to sound harsh, but new research is finding that about 2.5% of the population—supertaskers—have a rare ability to attend to two tasks simultaneously. This is excellent for those who are in that category, but beware if you are not and you attempt to multi-task anyway, your performance is likely to decline significantly, by as much as 30% and you may wind up getting less done than if you had set out to focus on one thing at a time. Pay special attention to this if you consider yourself an avid multitasker…

Step 3: Do you have a good fit in your workplace’s culture?  In The Real Meaning of Corporate Culture, we are coached from the hiring side, but if we apply this to ourselves in our workplaces, we may each benefit.  Are you in the right culture for your work-life mix? “When I coach people on hiring, I always start with culture, which I define as what you value, what is important for you and your company. Culture always starts with the owner…Do you want people to work independently, or do you think teamwork and collaboration are more important? Is working lots of hours essential?”

Step 4: How to Manage Tech Distraction in Our Busy, Everyday Work+Life (Video) Fit  “Not only has it erased the boundaries that used to tell us where work ends and the other parts of life begin, but the distraction of technology has changed the way we think and focus.  Not necessarily for the better.   Technology has become an “invisible appendage” for many of us.  Our constant reactivity to the demands of technology is diffusing the quality of our thoughts and undermining the integrity of everyday moments.”  Author and “distraction” expert, Maggie Jackson, offers small steps to build focus and awareness into our busy work-life mixes.


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