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“Having It All” is Not Necessarily “Doing It All”

We are 2 weeks in to The Wixii™ Project: what does “HAVING IT ALL” really look like?  And, already it is becoming apparent that “having it all” is not necessarily “doing it all.” Some of you may have already realized this, but some of us (i.e., yours truly) are slower on the uptake.  Between Kyoko’s […]

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What’s a Wixii™?

Wix·ii™ [wik-see] adjective: describing a woman who thrives in her work-life mix. describing any woman who aspires to thrive in her work-life mix and to have meaningful work-, family-, and personal-life. also: wix·ii·tas·tic.  superlative.  excellent.  of a very high quality (in matters of work and life for women). <a wixii-tastic mompreneur> wix·ii·esque.  having qualities that […]

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Prepping the Ingredients

Start with Two Ivy League Law Degrees, Two Husbands, Five Sons, and Endless Commitments.  Add, Love for People, Zest for life, Gift of Organization & Developing Process, Drive to Achieve and Succeed, and Ideals to Make this World a Better Place. What to do with all of these ingredients? This is the story of how […]

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Gathering the Ingredients

We are currently gathering the ingredients…we will start stirring the mix on January 2, 2013.  Please join us and make a new year’s resolution to thrive in your work-life mix in 2013.  Happy holidays! [Apologies if you are seeing duplicate entries…such is the result of WixiisTM learning to build their first website…thanks for your patience!]

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