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Work-Life Tips from “The Balance Myth”

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Work-Life Tips from “The Balance Myth”Work-Life Tips, as shared in “The Balance Myth” (reprinted with permission by the author)

By Teresa Taylor

The following eight “life” and “work” tips will help women rethink their work success, while excelling at home and in the office. They are written from my personal and professional experiences and shared in The Balance Myth: Rethinking Work-Life Success.

  1. Stop searching for balance. One issue that holds women back is their search for balance. When it’s not there, they get frustrated – possibly turning down a promotion or leaving the workforce completely. By staying in the workforce, women can be successful in both their work and home life.
  2. Make home life a priority. If there is something wrong at home, work it out. Otherwise, it will always bother you at the office. You might change jobs, but your cornerstone is your home life – an important grounding point.
  3. Manage your time more efficiently. Be present in what you’re doing, finish it and move on. I have my list of things to do, and I’ll assign time slots to it. If I have one hour to work on a presentation at work or one hour to clean at home, I do the best I can for that one hour.
  4. Combine your work and family schedules. I used to keep two different calendars – one for home and one for work; but, I was missing work deadlines, my kids’ activities and other events. So I combined the calendars, which caused me to start talking about my family at work and integrating my two lives. It’s one life and one calendar! And, now, I don’t miss a thing.
  5. Stay in the moment. When you’re at work in a meeting, be there. When you’re at home, be there. If you’re in a business meeting, don’t be wishing to be somewhere else. Be present where you are, and don’t feel guilty about where you’re not.
  6. It isn’t just a job. Work at a place and on something that you are passionate about. Don’t just take a “job.” Then you aren’t choosing between work and life – it is your life.
  7. Take the promotion. The only way that you are going to be able to affect change is to get yourself and other women in a place where you are making decisions and influencing change.
  8. Sponsor other women. It is lonely as you continue to move towards to corner office. Sponsor other women inside and outside of your company.

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